Yasmin Casaca

Yasmin is a Swedish-based mixed media-artist and hobby photographer with her studio located at Tungelsta – a small place south of Stockholm, where she lives together with her son.

Ever since she was a kid she loved to create in different ways and her passion for art started early with her mother, also an artist, introducing her to colors and art.

Yasmin went to the Art at Secondary School before she headed out for other directions. Later on she started several small companies and of course, one where she was producing and selling own art, at that time also jewelries, named as Wild and Simple Design (WSD).

As she lived as a digital nomad abroad, she started a Business coaching-company as well a Business Network, and WSD had later to take a pause.

At 2022 the passion for the art could not longer be hold back for Yasmin, and Art By Yasmin was born.

Contact Yasmin
E-mail: info@artbyyasmin.se
Instagram: @artbyyasmin.se

The photo at the header is taken by Linda Brolin.
The other photos is private by Yasmin Casaca.

”Without art, life feels empty –

Art is life!”

The art

Abstract motives is often shown, even if there sometimes will come up some more realistic paintings as well.

The paintings is often either very colorful ones, or they are white and/or black with a touch of gold.

Yasmin gets her inspiration from the nature, lights and patterns, the touch of different objects and surfaces.

There is a high focus of creating art with patterns, details and textures – some with a touch of an almost 3D-feeling.

The paintings is mainly made of acrylic colors with a mix of materials such as, f. ex. glitter, plaster, fabrics, sand and stones or roots.

As it comes to the photography, Yasmin loves to spend the time with her camera in the nature, or to find other special motives and to lift up objects and shapes in a unique way.

For Yasmin, the art is so much more than colors and a result on a canvas – it is moments of reflection, emotions and thoughts, it´s meditation, healing and a celebration to life.

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